Todd founded Peppered Palette in America and started business in 1994 after nursing and medical colleagues encouraged Todd to take his products to a wider audience. He started with cheesecakes, cheese dips/spreads, spice rubs and seasoning packs.

The hot sauces evolved out of the serendipity of the cheesecakes getting too cold and several customers made the comment that "That'd be great as an ice cream!" and the idea which became Toad Sweat was born.

He was sampling an early version of the sauce in the staff lounge of the Emergency Department where he worked and it was a hotter version which was causing him to have some beads of sweat on his forehead. A nurse came into the lounge to try some of the sauces he'd heard were being sampled and exclaimed "If that sauce is so hot it's making Toad sweat, I'll wait for a milder version" and the name was born.

That night after finishing his shift, Todd drove home through the foothills of northwest Georgia and the remark bounced around in his mind. By the time he arrived home, he'd settled on Toad Sweat being the name of the new sauce.Toad then took the sauce to the Fiery Foods Show in Austin, Texas along with his cheesecakes, spreads and spice blends to see what chilli heads would think of the sauce.

It was a huge hit! Key Lime Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauce was flown to New York City and tasted live on the nationwide broadcast of Good Morning America to rave reviews. There was more than one exclamation of "Wow" among those who tasted the sauce.

Now based in the UK, they are bringing back the flavours for new customers to experience. It really is a product which changes the perceptions of people who have never thought of having spicy ice cream! Those who are bold enough to try the sauces most often end up becoming passionate themselves about the sauces. They bring their friends and family to try the sauces on ice cream. It turns from an unbelievable concept to a necessary addition to the plate to have hot sauce on dessert!

At recent festivals where the sauces were available for all to try for free, it was mentioned by neighbouring exhibitors that they noted that nearly everyone who tried the sauces, bought the sauces. The joy as demonstrated by the smiles and laughter of those who were convinced to try the sauces was quite evident.

This is one thing that Toad Sweat dessert hot sauces will be guaranteed to bring to the table and those include smiles, laughter and joy along with a healthy dose of the feel-good hormones known as endorphins which capsaicin triggers in the brains of those Toad Sweat fans.

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Our people are what make us unique. Rather than outsourcing our management to outsiders, we rely upon the talents and skills of our family and collaborate with other specialists to fill in our knowledge. We know where we need help and we reach out to others to help fill those gaps. Otherwise, we hold close our skills (and recipes!) to our family to help make our company a unique and desired partner to our business companions upon whom we depend for our success.

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