Get to know us

Products and history

We started business in the early 1990's after nursing and medical colleagues encouraged Todd to take his products to a wider audience. He started with cheesecakes, spice rubs and seasoning packs. The sauces evolved out of the serendipity of the cheesecakes getting too cold and several made the comment that "That'd be great as an ice cream!" and the idea which became Toad Sweat was born.

People and culture

Our people are what make us unique. Rather than outsourcing our managment to outsiders, we rely upon the talents and skills of our family. We know where we need help and we reach out to others to help fill those gaps. Otherwise, we hold close our skills to our family to help make our company a unique and desired partner to our business companions upon whom we depend for our success.

Todd Guiton

Founder / Chief Culinary Curator

Sherri Guiton

Marketing Director

Kalena Guiton

Social Media Manager